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On derpibooru I saw a picture of a of a guy with a poorly made sign written "no one like's spike" apperanly this guy didn't write it himself some one gave him the sign and he didn't even know what it meant so I'm just going to guess that he's not familiar with the show, I've......I've honestly had enough I am just so sick of the spike hate from people who claim he's annoying to the people who blame him for what happened to the breeze's to the people who say he's just a sidekick to even a curtain mlp staff member who's say's he's generic.........I have honestly have had enough of these people there is no reason to hate spike to the people who say he's annoying and mean so is rainbow dash spitfire what else you got, to those who say he's to blame for ruining the breeze's migration well the other mane six have done a lot worse you'll have to do better than that, to the curtain mlp staff member who say's he's generic prove it if you going to call spike generic at least back it up with reason's why because I just don't see it, I.....I have just had enough I've been dealing with this ever since I first became a brony and I'm honestly tired of the spike hate. 
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United States
Just your averege everyday brony, Spike is best dragon :iconspikedragonplz: :D

I am also a shameless geek ;)

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