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Remember in the episode of batman TAS Trial were the new D.A. stated that batman was responsible for the creation of the super villian's in Gotham but near the end of the episode the new D.A. not only admitted that batman wasn't responsible of the creation of Gotham's super villain's but stated that the villain's themselves are responsible for there own misfortune's, but lately it's got me thinking just how different would the lives of Gotham's villain's be if batman never exsisted well I've thought of a few ideas, now keep in mind this is just a theory it's not 100%

:Man bat the first villain introduced in the series would have likely continued his rampage thought Gotham since batman wasn't there to stop him

:The scarecrow would not only succeeded in his plan to ruin Gotham university but would have obviously continued his rein of terror thought the city with no batman to stop him

: Poison ivy would have succeeded in her plan to kill Harvey dent and highly doubt she would stop there

:Two face is a special case since batman wasn't there to stop ivy and get the antidote on time Harvey dent aka two face would have died for the poison and would never have become two face at all

:The sewer king would have definatly continued to force the orphans to steel and they would continue to live in fear because of it

:The penguin would have obviously continued his criminal career with no batman to stop him

:Mister freeze would have succeeded in his plan to kill Ferris Boyle and destroy Gothcorp I'm homestly not sure what would have happened to him after that

:Nostromos would have continued to scam Gotham's wealthiest

:Catwoman would either continue her cat burgler career or get killed by red claw

:Clayface I think would have succeeded in killing Ronald Dagget for revenge

:Killer croc would have likely succeeded in his plan to frame detective bullock and would have continued his crime spree

:The clock king would have succeded in his revenge against the mayor

:The mad hatter not only would have succeeded in his plan to kidnap Alice but countless other people would be left in under his mind control technologly

:The riddler would have gotten his revenge on CEO Daniel Mockridge

:The joker now is a special case, If batman was never there to stop the robbery at the ace chemical plant the man who would have become joker's robbery would have gone smoothly as a result he wouldn't have fallen in the chemical waste thus there would be no joker instead the man would have likely continued his normal criminal career

:Harley quinn is another special case, since there is no batman and in turn no joker thus I think Harley would have just led a normal life or fall in love with another Gotham super villian
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Just your averege everyday brony, Spike is best dragon :iconspikedragonplz: :D

I am also a shameless nerd ;)

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